Nutrition Tips during COVID-19 

(Adapted from DAA, Dietitian Connection information and @Nourish_Naturally Instagram page) 

Nutrition during COVID19


Although the food (and toilet paper) hoarding has settled down, eating nutritious meals and having access to familiar foods is still a high priority for many families across Australia. If you are now working from home you may find that you have more time on your hands. This is an excellent time to revisit some old recipe books, gain some inspiration and get creative in the kitchen. Just because your fridge may be looking a little dull, that doesn't mean your meals should too! To help ease some of the stress and anxiety surrounding the current COVID-19 situation, we have put together a few simple tips to keep you and your family healthy and eating well during these uncertain times. 


Gaining Healthy Weight

Gaining healthy weight

There’s a lot of focus currently on weight loss; but what about the flip-side of that coin? There are those of us, believe it or not, who want to gain a kilo or two rather than shed them. Bodybuilders trying to build muscle mass, people recovering from illness or even those who’ve always felt self-conscious about looking subjectively ‘overly skinny’ are just a few examples. 


Nutrition and fussy eaters

fussy eating

According to Better Health Channel, half of Australian toddlers refuse a new food at least 50 percent of the time. They are fussy eaters but did you know that it could be in their genes?

Researchers from Norway and the United Kingdom found that 46% of food fussiness and 58% of food neophobia (rejection of a new food) can be explained by genes. Read more for top tips to elimiante fussy eating from your household. 

Managing your baby weight while breastfeeding


There is a lot of pressure on new mothers to bounce back after childbirth. While many mothers find that breastfeeding burns a lot of energy and can help them to quickly get back into shape, other breastfeeding mums find it hard to maintain their milk supply unless they eat a lot of kilojoules, which in turn can make it hard to lose the baby weight. 

Here are some tips to help you lose baby weight safely, while maintaining a high milk supply.


5 Important Facts About Food Intolerance


food intolerance

Food intolerance is defined as the body's inability to be able to fully digest food and it's believed to be far more common than most people are aware. While there are many different types of food intolerance or sensitivities, the most common of these include dairy or lactose intolerance, yeast sensitivity, gluten sensitivity and fructose sensitivity.

There are numerous symptoms that are caused by having a food intolerance such as bloating, asthma, eczema, chronic headaches, depression, stiff joints, arthritis, osteoporosis and anaemia. So that you can have a better understanding of food intolerance we've outlined 5 important facts. 

How to manage your diet with chronic kidney disease

chronic kidney disease

Living with a chronic kidney disease is never easy, but a good diet is essential to managing your condition. For sufferers of chronic kidney disease it is often a challenge to decide on what to eat and drink, especially for those on dialysis because of poor kidney function, making diet management quite frustrating. However, it's well worth the effort making these dietary changes if it can positively enhance how you feel, as well as the treatments you will need. To help you manage your diet if you have chronic kidney disease and are on dialysis, read more for some general tips you can follow, be aware that these may change as your kidney disease progresses.

5 Nutritious Foods to Eat While Losing Weight

foods to eat for weight loss

There are plenty of articles around focusing on what you shouldn't eat, if losing weight is your goal. Here, we flip the lid and take a look at what you should eat. Why? Because, the more nutritious your diet, the easier it is to fight sugar cravings, maintain a healthy weight and keep up self-discipline. Start with these five foods and add to them as you go along. 

Six superfoods and why you should try them.


The internet is full of advice around fad diets and new "superfoods" you should be eating, often with little scientific evidence. There is contention over many of these diets and products, and it's difficult to say whether there really is a "one size fits all" approach. So whether you are on a weight loss plan or you're a fussy eater, read more for a list of six foods which almost everyone can agree should be included in a healthy diet.




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