Spring is here! Time to spring clean your health. 

I start counting the days down from the 1st day of autumn. The sun is shining in Perth today, doesnt it feel great. 

Hibernation is over everyone. Let the arrival of spring be your new motivation. 

Its now time to say goodbye to those unhealthy winter habits and maybe to some unwanted winter weight as well. Why not start this spring by cleaning up your eating and lifestyle habits to help get in shape for summer.

Lets start to spring clean your health by focusing on your portion sizes.

  1. Wait 10 minutes – your stomach is relying on your brain to signal your level of fullness. This takes time, wait at least 10 minutes before diving into another serving.
  2. Leave the clean plate club – remember you don’t have to finish what’s on your plate, eat what you want now. 
  3. Never eat straight from the bag or carton – dish up your portion and commit to one serve. 
  4. Load up on the healthy stuffEnsure at least half of your plate is salad or “free vegetables” (these are non starchy vegetables).  If you absolutely have to have seconds stick to vegetables. 
  5. Put away leftovers before eating – dish up in the kitchen as opposed to serving food from the table. Once dinner is served, the remainder of food can be placed straight in the fridge and used as left overs the next day. Out of sight and out of mind. 

I am offering $10 off an initial one on one consult for the first 14 days of spring*

*T&C: Book an appointment online between the 1st - 14th September 2016, mention this blog 'Spring is Here' to recieve your discount of $10 at your intiial dietitian consult. Not valid with any other offer. Discount can only be redeemed at time of consult between the 1st to 14th of Septmeber 2016.