In my experience dietitians are often the last point of call for advice and support regarding weight loss. When you come to a dietitian for advice and support that’s exactly what you’re going to get. That’s right no weight loss pills, or weight loss shakes, no long list of expensive supplements which promise a quick fix. If there was such a pill or shake, then why would we be living in the heart of an obesity epidemic?


The truth is weight management and weight loss is hard work, in my experience the first step to sustained weight loss is to accept there is no quick fix and overcome overcome self-pity ‘why me – this is so unfair’.


Often by the time you’re ready to seek help from a dietitian you have been on board the diet cycle for some time and as a result you have racked up a list of guilt ridden foods, potential overeating or binge eating habits, mindless eating, emotional eating, and unrealistic expectations for weight loss.


Have you ever started a new ‘diet’ and dropped off over and over again because of social influences, emotional barriers, high stress, and lack of motivation? Learning the skills on how to deal with these barriers is where dietitians come in. 


We generally all know what we should be eating and how much exercise we should be doing, but knowing how to deal with those critical times like morning teas at work, dealing with social dinning or attending birthday parties is where the real challenge lies. Do you understand your metabolism and how hormones impact on the metabolism of fats and sugars or what impacts your food cravings?


As a dietitian I am here to help you manage your barriers to success.


Book online for a consult today and get off the ‘diet cycle’.