Ideally its best to start adjusting your eating habits before you become pregnant as certain foods may make you and your baby more susceptible to food borne illness, which can infect your baby and cause serious health problems. If you are starting to plan for conception I would recommend to start eating and treating your body like you are already expecting not only in terms of increasing your nutritional intake of iron, iodine and folic acid but also avoiding high risk foods. If you think you might be pregnant already - don't stress, start following this advice as soon as you can. 

The rates of miscarriage seem to be on the rise or is it we are just talking more openly about miscarriage? Many researchers believe rates of miscarriage are increasing largely due to women conceiving later in life. I recently was very unfortunate to suffer a miscarriage. Although it was very early on in my pregnancy I couldn't help but question everything I ate, drank and/or didn't eat or drink during the early weeks while I was oblivious to the tiny fetus developing inside me. While there is limited evidence as to the causes of miscarriage, I truly do believe nature has a hand to play, for one reason or another this little sole was not meant to enter this world. Somehow I cant seem to avoid questioning if I had been on top of my game ensuring I was avoiding any high risk foods would the outcome have been different?

So please have a read through the info graphic below of high risk foods to avoid in pregnancy.

Keep it on hand to help increase the safety of you and your unborn baby. 

foods to avoid during pregnancy


While pregnancy is one of the most magical times of your life, in reality it can also be an extremely daunting experience when trying to learn how to meet the nutritional needs of you and your developing baby. I can offer some relief of professional and reliable advice to ensure you feel prepared and relaxed with nourishing both yourself and your baby. Please contact me should you wish to make an appointment