Six superfoods and why you should try them.


The internet is full of advice around fad diets and new "superfoods" you should be eating, often with little scientific evidence. There is contention over many of these diets and products, and it's difficult to say whether there really is a "one size fits all" approach. So whether you are on a weight loss plan or you're a fussy eater, here is a list of six foods which almost everyone can agree should be included in a healthy diet.


1. Leafy vegetables High in fibre, low in fat and sugar, full of vitamins from A to zinc... there is unlikely to be a nutritionist on earth that wouldn't suggest adding leafy greens to your diet! Spinach and silverbeet contain a huge amount of Vitamin A and are rich iron sources, and almost all green vegetables deliver a good dose of Vitamin C. Best of all, leafy greens contain next to no calories, so large amounts can be consumed without worrying about weight gain - keep munching!


2. Oily fish tuna and salmon Omega-3 and Vitamin B-12 aplenty! Oily fish is a great source of "good" fat, to keep your heart healthy and ensure your skin, nails and hair keep shining.


3. Fresh berries Berries are one of the healthiest fruits due to their relatively high fibre and vitamins, and low sugar content. Berries are portable and nutritious, and can be added to cereals or oats for a delicious breakfast.


4. Seeds and nuts Both seeds and nuts have the benefit of delivering protein and other essential nutrients, while being delicious and tasty! Seeds have the advantage of being added to smoothies or drinks, and nuts make a great 3pm snack. Just be careful - they are deceptively high in calories so consume with caution if weight loss is your goal.


5. Spirulina divides many people because of how it tastes, but there are few that would suggest it's not a healthy addition to any diet. Delivering a whopping 57g of protein per 100g, Spirulina is an excellent addition for vegetarians or others who don't consume protein rich foods.


6. Avocado Finally, avocado rounds out the superfood list. Versatile enough to replace many undesirable additives think butter, sugar, cream, or tasty enough to eat alone, Avocado is a true superfood. Add some avocado to your salad for extra taste and omega-3, or whip up a batch of avocado chocolate brownies. Avocados are as versatile as they are healthy - but buy in season, or face exorbitant prices due to demand.


The above are just a small sample of superfoods that should be included in a healthy diet. For specific, tailored nutritional advice, contact a team member at Hardy Nutrition.