How to manage your diet with chronic kidney disease

chronic kidney disease

Living with a chronic kidney disease is never easy, but a good diet is essential to managing your condition. For sufferers of chronic kidney disease it is often a challenge to decide on what to eat and drink, especially for those on dialysis because of poor kidney function, making diet management quite frustrating. However, it's well worth the effort making these dietary changes if it can positively enhance how you feel, as well as the treatments you will need. To help you manage your diet if you have chronic kidney disease and are on dialysis, these are some general tips you can follow be aware that these may change as your kidney disease progresses.


  • Consult with a dietitian with a background in chronic disease management

Before making changes to your diet it's important to consult with a dietitian who's a chronic disease specialist. They have extensive training in chronic disease diet management and will offer nutritional advice and a dietary plan on a case-by-case basis, considering factors such as your lifestyle, age, weight and health status.


  • Dietary changes for those on haemodialysis

When it comes to haemodialysis, it's very rare that your protein intake has to be changed, your Dietitian can work out how much protein you need. It is necessary to restrict your potassium and fluid levels. Also, you may need to avoid foods that have high levels of phosphate. Many people use a tablet known as a phosphate binder so they don't have to cut out foods high in phosphate. Nutrients that may require additional supplementation include; fibre, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc.


  • Dietary changes for those on peritoneal dialysis

If you are on peritoneal dialysis you'll need to avoid foods with high levels of phosphate, fluid and potassium, although your restrictions are much less than for those on haemodialysis. Limit salt, sugar and fat intake While it's crucial for kidney disease sufferers on dialysis to limit their salt, sugar and fat intake, this is also a general part of healthy living.


For assistance with managing your diet if you have chronic kidney disease contact Hardy Nutrition. We can arrange a one-on-one consultation for you with a Perth based dietitian who's an expert in chronic disease management.