Gaining Healthy Weight

Gaining healthy weight

There’s a lot of focus currently on weight loss; but what about the flip-side of that coin? There are those of us, believe it or not, who want to gain a kilo or two rather than shed them. Bodybuilders trying to build muscle mass, people recovering from illness or even those who’ve always felt self-conscious about looking subjectively ‘overly skinny’ are just a few examples. 

There are a variety of factors that may contribute to slow weight gain; one of these factors may be an elevated metabolic rate. People in this category may need to eat quite differently to people with a slower metabolism to gain and maintain a higher body weight. 

How does one gain weight in a safe and healthy way? First of all, rather than wading through all the contradictory theories online or taking advice from friends and family, some professional dietary advice is essential. Everybody is different, so a unique, tailored approach is vital in gaining weight without ill effects on your health. 

Going forward, the following may be utilised in gaining weight safely, subject of course to diet advice from your dietitian: