Perth Dietitian   

Ivana Giovannini

Dietitian/Clinical Supervisor 

Ivana completed both a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) and a Masters of Dietetics from Curtin University.

Ivana has experience in private practice, specialising in weight management, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, eating disorders, cardiovascular disease, malnutrition and oncology patients. 

Ivana is passionate in providing close support and assisting individuals with nutrition and dietary advice, through developing an increased understanding of the role of food in chronic diseases to help reach their health.







Perth Dietitian

Natasha Muir

Senior Dietitian

Natasha has completed both a Bachelor of Science (Nutritional Therapy) and Master of Dietetic Practice. She is currently completing her Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education.


Natasha brings a wealth of experience in private practice, specialising in weight management, diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, chronic disease, hyperlipidaemia, irritable bowel syndrome, eating disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, coeliac disease and pregnancy nutrition.


Natasha has an undeniable passion for helping individuals and the wider community navigate their health and wellness goals.





Claudia Lee Dietitian

Claudia Lee


Claudia has completed a Bachelor in Science (Nutrition) and a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics.
Claudia specialises in chronic disease management, weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, malnutrition and oncology.
Claudia is passionate in bringing clients on a journey that will improve their nutrition and health, making them realistic and achievable in everyday life.
She will work with you step by step to find impactful solutions that are achievable and tailored specifically to your needs and life circumstances.




Perth Dietitian

Megan Hardy


Megan Hardy has more than twelve years of experience in the nutrition, health and wellbeing industry.

Megan is passionate about medical nutrition therapy as an approach to help people to achieve their health and wellness goals. 

Megan has extensive experience in weight management, eating disorders, diabetes, food allergies, food intolerances and irritable bowel syndrome.

Megan has completed specialist dietetic training with the WA Eating Disorders Outreach and Consultation Service (WAEDOCS) and FODMAP and IBS specilaist training with Monsah University. 

 Megan is a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA), Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED) and the National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC).





Team Member Kellie Logan

Kellie Logan

Administration Assistant 

Kellie brings a wealth of administrative knowledge and experience to our team.

She holds two Bachelor of Education degrees and has always valued the importance of health and physical education in her teaching career. Kellie has always been mindful of healthy living.  


Team Member Olivia

Olivia Smythe

Administration Assistant 

Olivia is completing her Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science at Curtin University and hopes to go on to complete her Master of Dietetics, with the goal of becoming an Accredited Dietitian.

Over the years, Olivia has acquired experience within the health industry as a pharmacy assistant while taking on numerous customer service roles. She has developed a keen interest in holistic healthcare centered on preventative health and emotional wellbeing.









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Meaghan Forsyth 

Administration Assistant 

Meaghan has completed an Education Assistant program through Monash University. She has many years of experience in customer service and face to face specialist clinical experience. Healthy eating and exercise is important to her day to day life and is an interest of hers as  a way to support both physical and mental well being.