Specialising in Disordered Eating 


Do you turn to food when you’re emotional or stressed? Do you starve yourself? Or binge in private? 


Are you struggling with an eating disorder and unhealthy compensatory habits such as binging or purging? Would you like to feel a sense of relief and gain control over your eating disorder? If so, you’re like many of the people that visit Hardy Nutrition suffering with:

  • Anorexia nervosa 
  • Bulimia nervosa 
  • Orthorexia (an obsession with eating a perfect diet)
  • Binge eating 
  • Avoidant- restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) 

Hardy Nutrition specialise in providing evidence-based solutions and compassionate care that help people regain good health through good eating. Along with our specialised knowledge and expertise in nutrition, we understand that compassionate care is essential in helping overcome disordered eating. 


Specialised Eating Disorder Consultation Fees  

We provide specialist treatment for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, avoidant- restrictive food intake disorder, other atypical disorders, weight management and obesity. 

Fees include coordination and communication with your GP and any other health care providers where necessary.

Initial: $165 

Review: $95 - 45 min extended review, $80 - 30 min standard review.

As of November 2019 any diagnosed eating disorder patients will be entitled to access 20 rebated sessions per calendar year through Medicare. A GP referral is required to access this rebate.