Different types of hunger 

Are you aware there are differnt types of hunger? 

Due to the nature of diet culture, this can lead to insecure and anxious behaviours around food choices, in turn, it has affected the ability for individuals to connect with their bodies and understand their body cues. Hunger isn’t straight forward, it requires intuition, this helps us to acknowledge why our body is wanting certain foods. 

The 5 types of hunger include:

1. Physical Hunger → This is the body’s response to needing food or energy. Often required when feeling shaky, irritable, fatigue. 

2. Emotional Hunger → There is a quicker onset in combination with an uncomfortable or intense emotional need which is not being met. More a mental link versus stomach link. This is different from binge eating.

3. Taste Hunger → When there is cravings towards specific foods. I.e. wanting cake at a birthday party. Not linked with physical hunger. 

4. Necessity Hunger → To eat in anticipation of hunger, whether hungry or not. I.e. Busy work schedule with little meal breaks. 

5. Nutrient Hunger → Aiming to meet nutritional needs. I.e. If we've restricted ourselves by eliminating certain foods or food groups, our bodies crave those essential nutrients. 

It’s important to remember that all 5 types of hunger are considered ‘normal,’ and that other types of hunger are not linked with feelings of shame and guilt. 

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