Prebiotic vs Probiotics



To maintain a happy and healthy gut our bodies need a daily combination of prebiotics and probiotics. A few months of sustainable dietary changes is required to improve your gut health, hence consistent intake of prebiotics and probiotics is key!   

Prebiotics are a source of fibre that feed the gut bacteria to help maintain a healthy balanced gut. They pass undigested into our large intestines where they are then fermented to produce more good bacteria. 

Prebiotics are found in fibre rich foods including wholegrain, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. Inulin is another prebiotic and a type of soluble fibre, found in artichokes and onions. 

Probiotics are live bacteria that help to nourish and increase the number of “good” bacteria to our existing gut bacteria and aid to maintain a healthy gut (or microbiome). The digestive tract has a diverse and abundant number of microbes and every individual has a unique microbiome.


Probiotics are broken down into short chain fatty acids which are linked with reducinginflammation, increase absorption of nutrients from your food, improve immunity and mood, as well as, protect against bowel cancer.

In summary, enhancing gut health is a synergistic effect, we need to not only add the good bacteria through daily probiotics, we need to consistently feed the bacteria through consuming prebiotics daily.

At Hardy Nutrition our dietitian’s are passionate about gut health. If you would like to improve the health of your gut and therefore your immunity, your digestion, your metabolism, and overall health we are here and ready to help.

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