How can I Boost my Immune System Through Diet and Lifestyle? 




Now is a better time than ever to be focusing on our immune system health, with the cold weather, seasonal changes and the constant risk of contracting COVID19, it is important to make your health a priority. So how can we do this?


The immune system is a complex network within our bodies mainly involving the white blood cells, the lymph system and bone marrow. Its job is to recognize and fight pathogens or harmful matter that enter the body in order to maintain health and regular function. We have come up with some tips to help ensure our immune system is working effectively:

  • Practice good hygiene by washing hands regularly, particularly before eating, before and during cooking, avoid touching your face and cover your coughs. Carrying around a small hand sanitizer can come in handy!
  • Getting adequate sleep, at lease 7 hours per night and reducing stress as much as possible
  • Participating in regular physical activity, whether that be regular walks, participating in a class or doing some gardening. Get out in that sunshine as much as possible!
  • Lowering alcohol and tobacco smoke intake or eliminating these habits if possible


How to boost immunity through diet:

  • Consuming foods with high Vitamin C such as red capsicums, strawberries, broccoli and citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and lemons.
  • Garlic, turmeric and ginger all provide anti-viral properties and can be added to multiple foods
  • Greek yogurt can aid in improving probiotics and vitamin D levels, both of which are immune bosting and vitamin D can aid in the absorption of vitamin C
  • Keeping hydrated! Try to get in around 8 cups per day.


This is not the extent of all immune boosting foods, however we recommend keeping your diet and fresh food consumption as diverse as possible to ensure adequate intake of all vitamin and mineral sources for good health. If you have any questions related to immune health please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you would like to book in an appointment with one of our experienced dietitians please contact 08 9494 3790 or book online at