Nutrition as we age




As we get older our metabolism changes, as does our ability to retain nutrients. This means that altering our diet to involve less energy dense foods (such as cakes, chips and biscuits) and increasing food which are more nutritious will prove more beneficial and alleviate the likelihood of becoming deficient in anything. Some common deficiencies include Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and protein.  So, how can we mitigate this and what are some recommendations?


  • Ensuring to consume foods high in Vitamin B12 such as red meats, tuna, eggs and milk. This will aid in maintaining red blood cell count and lesson the probability of cognitive decline in later life.
  • Daily activity outdoors is a great way to provide your body with vitamin D, this could include gardening, walks with friends and family or a swim at a local beach. Vitamin D works closely with calcium to maintain bone strength and health therefore protecting against osteoporosis and other such conditions.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in food sources such as salmon, mackerel, chia seeds, walnuts and soybeans. This nutrient can aid in the prevention of heart conditions such as coronary heart disease therefore it is recommended to be incorporated into a healthy diet.
  • To maintain muscle structure and immune function, protein intake is recommended daily. This can be easier than you think! It can be found in eggs, Greek yogurt, poultry, red meat, lentils and peanuts.
  • It is important for water intake to be kept up throughout the day to prevent dehydration and help with body temperature regulation. 


Be sure to aim for a diet that includes an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, this will increase nutrient intake of multiple varieties essential for a healthy lifestyle. This will also make sure you ascertain enough water, fiber and minerals daily. Remember a healthy lifestyle should be enjoyed, experiment cooking different types of meals, share recipes and eat meals with family and friends, and get out in the sunshine! This all contributes to longevity and an overall healthy lifestyle. 


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