Protein and how to get enough in your diet



Protein essentially provides us with the building blocks for our cells. We need it to build muscle, retain muscle strength, maintain hormone balance, aid in bone mass retention and reduces appetite. The amount of protein you should consume depends largely on your physical activity levels, age, body size and health status.


Achieving your protein goals for the day can come easier than expected as protein can be found in an array of foods, and not just meat based products.

Here we have laid out some suggestions for you to incorporate into your daily diet:

  • -        Using peanut butter that is made with 100% peanuts (no sugars). This will not only enhance your protein intake but will add other nutrients such as vitamin E and magnesium to your diet. Enjoy a tablespoon in a morning smoothie for richness, lightly drizzled over your morning cereal or enjoy it simply on your morning toast.
  • -          Replacing high sugar yogurts with Greek yogurt. Along with being high in protein, this source also contains high levels of vitamin B12, zinc and calcium. Enjoy it with fruits and cereals in the morning or make a tzatziki dip to share.
  • -          Turkey Breast. Just like chicken breast, this source of protein will also provide you with vitamin B6 and B12 along with essential minerals, and can be used in similar ways! Try adding it to your salads, wraps, or roast it with a side of vegetables.
  • -          Lean Beef. Along with being a fantastic source of iron, lean beef is extremely high in protein which can help you reach your daily protein goals. Try lean beef mince for a Mexican bowl or healthy nachos, or make a delicious beef stir fry!
  • -          Lentils, a great plant based protein source, also providing nutrients such as potassium, folate and manganese. This can be enjoyed as a meat replacement for most mince dishes such as lasagne or enjoy as a warming dahl.
  • -          Eggs are a convenient and versatile way to incorporate protein into your daily diet. Try scrambling and adding to wraps, meal prep fritters with your favourite veggies such as zucchini or corn, add boiled eggs to your favourite salad mix or a simple omelette will do the trick!


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