Healthy Dinners  



During a busy week, it can become difficult to make time to prepare and cook a nutritious meal for dinner. This can often lead to reaching for quick fixes and unhealthy dinner choices. To make sure you are receiving a wide variety of nutritious foods in your diet, we have put together some handy tips and examples.


  • Frozen vegetables are an excellent source of nutrition. They allow for convenience and versatility in weekly dinners as they can be added to almost any meal
  • Tinned tuna is a quick and easy protein source. Filled with iron, healthy fats such as omega 3 and other nutrients such as vitamin A, B and D.
  • Canned vegetables can also be a great fibre and nutrition source, however be cautious of any additives or preservatives, as these should be consumed in moderation
  • Microwaveable or precooked brown rice can provide a convenient carbohydrate and fibre source.
  • Pre-made salads or salad bags from the fresh food section of your local supermarket are a great way to add a quick source of fresh vegetables to any meal.
  • Precook proteins such as mince or chicken a couple in days in advance.

Meal examples:

  • Fried rice or stir fry are quick ways to use up or add in any vegetables you have in the fridge
  • Packet salad and precooked chicken (whether that’s meal prepped chicken or store bought)
  • One-pan roast vegetables and sausage (or any preferred protein). Using up frozen vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots and sweet potatoes, and add sliced sausage to a baking tray to roast
  • Slow cooked curry, a perfect ‘set and forget’ idea. Placing hearty vegetables and a protein source of your choice in a crock pot which can be switched on in the morning before leaving.
  • Use leftovers. For example, slice roast chicken and add to a pasta or salad dish.

Healthy meals don’t always require a lot of prep work. A bit of pre-planning and shopping for convenience will go a long way. If you have any dietary concerns and would like to chat to one of our friendly staff, please call us on 08 9494 3790 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.