Product Review 

Nudie Coconut Yoghurt

Nudie coconut yoghurt

Advertised as the dairy free, gluten free and vegan alternative to yoghurt. I had to give it a try to see what all the hype is about.


So on first taste I wasn’t quite sure about the flavour it somehow tasted a bit artificial to me, an unusual taste sensation. Although after the third or fourth mouthful my taste buds had adapted and it was quite pleasant to eat. I could quiet easily get through a tub in a matter of minutes. 

I presume though that this first flavour reaction I experienced would be much the same for someone tasting a plain natural Greek yoghurt for the first time, the taste is defiantly acquired over some time if you are used to flavoured yoghurts.

It has a subtle coconut flavour, which is quite pleasant after a few mouthfuls. The texture is silky and smooth similar to that of natural yoghurt although with a slightly creamier texture.


So lets compare the nutrition rating of Nudie Coconut Yoghurt to Natural Greek Yoghurt.

Nutrition per

100 g

Nudie Coconut Yoghurt Farmers Union Greek Style Yoghurt Farmers Union Greek Style Low Fat Yoghurt
Energy 707kJ 557kJ 561kJ
Protein 1.6g 4.7g 4.7g
Total Fat 15.8g 9.7g 9.3g
Saturated Fat 15g 6.4g 6.5g
Carbohydrates 4.5g 6.9g 7.2g
Sugars 1.4g 6.9g 7.2g
Calcium 0mg 166mg 168mg

Nudie Coconut Yoghurt has a recommended small serving size of only 85 grams – way less than most yoghurts at 125 – 175g.

With its smooth texture and appealing flavour I can see how it could be very easy to overeat.

It is concerning that this product is marketed as an alternative to yoghurt as it’s vastly different in nutritional value to that of a dairy based yoghurt.

Nudie Coconut Yoghurt does not contain any calcium. Its partciular hard to also identify the particualr stain of beneficial bacteria especially if your after a certain strain to help with the management of conditions such as constipation, ulcerative colitis or IBS. It’s higher in kilojoules, higher in fat and lower in protein.

I would also like to mention that coconut milk and yoghurt are a major source of saturated fat.  While studies are limited on the effect of coconut saturated fats and heart disease every human study available consistently shows that coconut fats DO raise both the total and the LDL-cholesterolThere is NO evidence that coconut sourced saturated fats act differently to other animal saturated fats.   Please don’t be conned into believing that coconut oil, coconut milk or coconut yoghurt are a super food. If your interested to find out more about coconut oil in particular Catherine Saxelby’s October newsletter is a great place to start.

On the other hand, Nudie Coconut Yoghurt does contain less sugar; as it does not contain lactose (lactose is the natural sugar found in dairy). If you eat yoghurt daily and are happy with your current dairy based brand, I wouldn't suggest switching to Nudie Coconut Yoghurt. However, if you enjoy a bit of yoghurt on the odd occasion, then sure give it a go, although try and stick to the recommended serve size on the packaging.

Nutritionist Take Home Message:

This product would be best suited as a cream substitute.

As I can eat lactose, it will not replace my Greek yoghurt. With Greek yoghurt containing essential sources of bioavailable calcium, protein and beneficial bacteria it will remain on my weekly shopping list.