Prebiotic vs Probiotics




To maintain a happy and healthy gut our bodies need a daily combination of prebiotics and probiotics. A few months of sustainable dietary changes is required to improve your gut health, hence consistent intake of prebiotics and probiotics is key!   





Calcium is important to build and help maintain strong healthy bones and teeth, and plays a role in muscle and nerve function. Adequate calcium intake can prevent or reduce the risk of osteoporosis (a condition, where calcium is lost from the bones, making the bones weaker, fragile, and more prone to fractures). 



Understanding the effect of carbohydrates on weight.


Did you know carbohydrates aren’t just found in breads, pastas or rice?

Solutions for Acid Reflux



Heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux can all occur when the acid in your stomach goes back up the esophagus, leading to a painful and burning sensation. This can occur during pregnancy, wearing tight fitted clothing, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, eating large meals in one sitting or medications, due to increased acid secretions or pressures on the stomach.


Reading Nutrition Labels:


Nutrition Labels


Understanding nutrition labels can be challenging. There's a lot of information there, so knowing what to look for when selecting products can be a bit confusing. No need to worry, we are here to help! We have put together a list of our top tips to help you navigate the nutrition label and make healthier choices where possible. 



What’s the deal with Coconut oil??




Coconut oil first hit the headlines a few years ago when it became the newest ‘health’ product on the market. Everyone was going crazy over this product and it was starting to pop up in all kinds of recipes. Coconut oil coffee anyone?? 


Different types of hunger 



Are you aware there are different types of hunger? 


Importance of Vitamin D




Why is Vitamin D so important?


Vitamin D plays a key role in bone health and is essential for the absorption of calcium to help strengthen our teeth and bones. It can also assist with healthy skin, muscle strength and enhancing the immune system. Low levels of vitamin D can increase our risk of osteoporosis, falls and bone fractures. 




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