Body Weight Set Point

body weight set point

What is the secret to maintaining your ideal body weight you ask? I believe it comes down to undertsanding your body weight set point and how you brain controls your hunger and satiety cues. 

Did you know your body actually hates losing weight? Click through the my full article on how you can finally gain control of your body weight in the long term. 

Body Composition

weight loss


What are the scales actually telling you?

Do you understand your body weight?

WEIGHT is usually on of the first topics that come up in social discussion when people find out what my occupation is.  The number you are seeing when you step on the scale is not telling you the whole story about your personal health.

For most of us weight loss is about loosing the fat mass and hopefully gaining a higher lean muscle mass, but how do you know your losing or gaining the right type of body mass? Yes you could be losing or gaining weight according to the scales however what type of weight is the question.

If you really want to understand what your weight really means in relation to your personal health then we need to look at other metrics besides the number on a scale for success.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy 


Ideally its best to start adjusting your eating habits before you become pregnant as certain foods may make you and your baby more susceptible to food borne illness, which can infect your baby and cause serious health problems. If you are starting to plan for conception I would recommend to start eating and treating your body like you are already expecting not only in terms of increasing your nutritional intake of iron, iodine and folic acid but also avoiding high risk foods. If you think you might be pregnant already - don't stress, start following this advice as soon as you can. 

So please have a read through the info graphic below of high risk foods to be avoided in pregnancy.

Keep it on hand to help increase the safety of you and your unborn baby. 

Fussy Eating – A Dietitians Tips

fussy eating

Do you have a fussy eater?

Here are some of my top tips to overcoming the stress of mealtime.

skin and gut

How can your gut health influence you skin health and conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis?

One of the first steps to treating skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis is to understand how gut health influences the immune system.

We now know the gut is a very powerful interface through which we can modulate the immune system. If any issues should arise in the function or the structure of the gut this can have profound harmful effects on our wellbeing.

A potential shift in the gut microbiome, the tissue lining or the quality of the gastric secretions can result in a rise in the inflammatory processes. In the literature we are now able to identify a clear link between gut health and skin health. A skin dysfunction could be indicative of a deeper dysfunction in the gastrointestinal tract.

How exactly does gut function support skin health?


Lactose Intolerance or Cows Milk Protein Allergy

lactose intolerance and CMPA 

Did you know that we can actually work on building up tolerance to lactose and cows milk protein?


infant feedingPrebiotics for Infants


Is your baby formula fed? Did breastfeeding not work out as planned for whatever reason? Are you concerned about your child’s gut health and immunity?

I often recommend that infants and children should be taking a daily probiotic to help boost gut health and immunity. Although if your child is FF we could be doing more through the addition of prebiotics.


There is more and more evidence being released regarding the benefits of prebiotics in formula-fed (FF) infants to facilitate development of a more desirable microbiota resulting in subsequent health benefits.


Healthy Christmas

Dietitian Tips to Avoiding Christmas Weight Gain

For months in the lead up to Christmas we can start to gain access to those decadent mince pies and plum puddings.

The main concern is not so much the additional food or alcohol you may consume on Christmas Day, it is the ‘festive season’ which for some can take up to 1-3 months of the year. With Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Years and all the pre-Christmas work functions closely followed by Australia Day celebrations.

You can see how it is terribly easy to overindulge at this time of year. The good news, it is avoidable if you set yourself some ground rules and strategies to coping for all the functions and social occasions to come.



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